पनीर टिक्का चीज़ ब्रेड स्लाइस की रेसिपी

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PANEER TIKKA CHEESE BREAD SLICE is everyone’s favorite food, Whenever you feel like eating SOMETHING DIFFERENT, you can quickly go to your kitchen and


we need to make Paneer Tikka Bread Slices
Here I am taking 200 grams of paneer
which I have cut into four long pieces
I am taking a medium sized capsicum
which will be finely chopped
I am taking a medium size onion
I will also finely chop this

👇The ingredients for marinating paneer:

four spoons of curd
one spoon garlic paste
half spoon salt
half spoon red chili powder
half spoon oregano
one spoon Amul salted butter
one spoon gram flour
Will do a great job of binding in this

👇mix all the things well and apply the mixture well on the paneer

Take a pan
put one spoon of butter and one spoon of oil….fry the pieces of paneer on medium flame till they turn light golden in colour.
fry paneer from all sides (our paneer is fried) like we will take it out in a plate.
Here I am taking hot dog bread.
we will cut two pieces in the middle of one bread
So here I have four pieces of bread ready….
👇apply butter on both sides of the bread…
👇apply a spoonful of tomato ketchup……
👇apply spoonful of coriander mint chutney…
👇add a little chopped capsicum…
👇add a little chopped onion….
👇Place paneer slices over it…..
👇place cheese on top……
👇add a pinch of chaat masala….
👇add a pinch of oregano…(which gives our Paneer Tikka Bread Slices a wonderful flavor)

👇take a pan
👇As soon as the pan becomes hot, add some butter to it…
👇Here I am placing my three bread slices one by one in the pan….
👇Here we have to cover and roast the slices of bread on low flame till crisp…..
👇It will take 8 to 9 minutes for the bread to be ready….
👌❤✌ Here our Crispy Paneer Tikka Bread Slices are ready which you can enjoy with your whole family….

पनीर टिक्का चीज़ ब्रेड स्लाइस की रेसिपी Video

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