रवा केसरी हलवा बनाने के विधि

रवा केसरी हलवा बनाने की सामग्री :

  • एक कप सूजी (A cup of rava)
  • आधा कप घी a half cup of ghee)
  • काजू  ( 8 to 10 cashews)
  • किसमिश (8 to 10 raisins )
  • केशर (keshar)
  • केसरी कलर (keshar color)
  • चीनी (Sugar)
  • इलायची पाउडर (a pinch of cardamom powder)

रवा केसरी हलवा बनाने के विधि

Step: 1

One spoon of ghee in a pan

8 to 10 cashews

Fry on low flame till light golden

8 to 10 raisins and roast lightly

Take it out on a plate

Step: 2

Will put a little more ghee in the pan

Add a cup of rava

Roast the rava on low flame for 3 to 4 minutes till it changes color slightly.

When a slight aroma starts coming in the semolina, then take it out in a separate plate.

Step: 3

Pour two cups of water

Let the water boil

Add a pinch of orange color

Mix well

When the water comes to a boil, we will add rava to it.

Let the rava dissolve in water on low flame and keep stirring continuously.

Well mix

In a few seconds, the rava will dissolve in the water and a nice color will come in the halwa.

Step: 4

On this stage we will add a cup of sugar to the halwa

Mix the sugar well and let it melt on low flame.

Keep stirring

Our sugar is well melted

Add a pinch of saffron

Add a pinch of cardamom powder

Add cashew nuts and raisins

Well mix

Add remaining ghee and mix it well

Delicious Rava Kesari Halwa is ready

Watch to Complete Video :

Perfect Rava Kesari Halwa Recipe by Shobhana Jaanu | Rava Kesari Halwa kese banaye


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