चॉकलेट केक क्रिसमस स्पेशल बनाने की विधि हिंदी में

चॉकलेट केक क्रिसमस स्पेशल बनाने की सामग्री

First of all leave the pressure cooker on the gas to preheat
put some salt in the cooker
And leave it on medium heat for 10 minutes
a cup of Maida
Half cup cocoa powder
a cup of powdered sugar
one teaspoon baking powder
Take a sieve and place a bowl under it
a cup of milk
half cup salted butter
three to four tablespoons buttermilk
a spoonful of vanilla essence

Mix well
The method of mixing should be cut and fold only.
Well mix
Take a cake tin or any circular utensil
Apply some butter along with it on the edges as well.
put butter paper
add cake batter
Here our cooker is also preheated
put the cake tin in the cooker
Remove the whistle of the cooker and remove the rubber
Let it cook on low flame for 30 to 35 five minutes
Open the cooker lid after 35 minutes
check the cake with a toothpick
If toothpick come out clean then our cake is done.
take out the cake
leave the cake to cool
Now let’s make our chocolate ganache
Keep some water to boil in the pan on the gas
Take a bowl and place it on the pen
add a cup of chocolate

Allow the chocolate to melt on low flame and stir it continuously with a dry spoon
Our chocolate is melted well now we will add half a cup of cream to it
put a spoonful of butter
Mix cream chocolate and butter well
Here our cake has also cooled down, we will take it out
Cut off the top of the cake with a knife
Pour Chocolate Ganache on top of the cake
Put the cake in the refrigerator for 20 minutes
Our cake is ready
Put some chocolate pieces on top of the cak
, add some powdered sugar over it
Our Delicious Chocolate Ganache Cake is ready✌👌

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