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Computer Networks MCQ | Computer Science Teacher Questions and Answers

BPSC Computer Network MCQ Hindi

प्रश्न 1 : ARPANET stands for?

उत्तर : Advance research project agency network


प्रश्न 2 :  Which if the following is not a topology?

उत्तर :  Hierarchy


प्रश्न 3 : MAN stands for

उत्तर : Metropolitan area network


प्रश्न 4 : Each IP packet consider

उत्तर : Source and destination address


प्रश्न 5 : Select the correct sequence regarding evolution of computer network



प्रश्न 6 : 802.11 represents

उत्तर : WiFi


प्रश्न 7 : State Bank of India is an example of

उत्तर : WAN


प्रश्न 8 :  The device that regenerates a signal being transmitted on the network is called

उत्तर : Repeater


प्रश्न 9 : I am known as Intelligent hub and I provide packet filtering

उत्तर : Switch


प्रश्न 10 : Your school is planning to link its front office situated in hilly region where cable connection is not feasible, suggest an economic way to connect it with reasonably high speed

उत्तर : Satellite


प्रश्न 11 : Govt Hr Sec School has a computer network. The network is in one building. What kind of network it is?

उत्तर : LAN


प्रश्न 12 : When you connect two mobiles using Bluetooth to transfer a picture or file, which type of network is found?

उत्तर : PAN


प्रश्न 13 :  The _______ is computer that provide service to other programs or computers

उत्तर : Server


प्रश्न 14 : The ______ topology is combination of star and bus topology

उत्तर : Tree


प्रश्न 15 : Identify the device which can connect dissimilar network

उत्तर : Router AND  Gateway


प्रश्न 16 : In MAC Address MAC stands for

उत्तर : Media Access Control


प्रश्न 17 :  MAC address is made up of _____

उत्तर : 12 digit Hexadecimal number


प्रश्न 18 : To identify each node uniquely in a computer network __________ address is assignedउत्तर : IP


प्रश्न 19: IPV4 isa. Version of IP Addressb. Version of TCP Addressc. Version of MAC addressd. Version of WiFI

उत्तर : a. Version of IP Address


प्रश्न 20 :  IPV6 comprises ofa. 16 bit numeric addressb. 32 bit numeric addressc. 64 bit numeric addressd. 128 bit numeric address

उत्तर :  d. 128 bit numeric address

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