इंग्लिश में बच्चों के नाम | Names of Baby in English

बच्चे के जन्म लेने के साथ साथ किसी भी के माता पिता के साथ साथ पुरे परिवार नाने मुन्हे मेहमान का नाम सोचने में लग जाता है। ऐसा हो भी क्यों न आखिर नाम सुनते ही हमारी जिंदगी भर की पहचान बन जाती है । हर माँ बाप अपने बच्चें का सबसे सूंदर और अनोखा नाम देना चाहते है। अगर आप आपने बच्चें या छोटी बच्ची का नाम रखना चाहते है तोई आपको निचे दिए गए बातों पर ध्यान देना चाहिए।

बच्चे का नाम देने से पहले क्या सावधानियां बरते :

बच्चें या बच्ची का नाम ऐसा रखें जिसे सुनकर दिल को ख़ुशी मिल।
ऐसा नाम न रखे जो कानो में चुभता हो। ध्यान रखे की आपके सर नेम के साथ भी नाम मिले।
ट्रेंडिंग नाम रखने से बचे।
कोई सूंदर सा नाम रखें , जिसका अर्थ भी सही हो। क्यूंकि नाम के मतलब का असर बच्चों के स्वभाव पर भी पड़ता है ।
ज्यादा बड़ा नाम न रखे
नाम का स्पेलिंग भी आसान रखें
नाम ऐसा रखे जिससे उसका निक नाम भी अच्छे से रखा जा सके

इस ब्लॉग में है हिंदू बेबी लड़कों के नाम और अर्थ बताएँगे जो आपके लिए अपने बच्चे का नाम रखें में काफी सहायक साबित होगा।

हिंदू बेबी लड़कों के नाम और अर्थ

AaravA sound or thundering
AarushThe sun; The day; Dawn
AaryanNoble and honourable
AayanshPopularly thought to mean ‘a gift from God’ or the ‘first rays of the sun’
AdhavBelieved to mean ‘sun’ or ‘ruler’
AbeerA red dye or perfumed colour
AbhimanyuThe name of the son of Arjun
AdityaThe sun
AdhritUnrestrained; Unbridled
AdvaitUnique; free from duality
AdvikPopularly believed to mean ‘unique’
AgastyaThe name of a revered Hindu sage; a constellation
AhaanThe day; The sky (as traversed by the sun)
AnshA part or portion of
ArjunOf the dawn; White and dazzling
ArmaanGreatest desire or wish
ArnavOcean; The foaming sea; A wave
ArhaanPopularly believed to mean ‘ruler’ or ’emperor’
AtharvName of the fourth of the four Vedas
AviMountain; Wind; Sun
AvyaanThought to mean ‘without any imperfections’
AvyuktOne who is clear as crystal; Clear minded
AyaanTime, era or epoch
AyaanshBelieved to mean ‘a gift from God’ or ‘first rays of the sun’
AymanBlessed with good fortune
BhaveshLord of world
BhavinBlessing; Illustrious
ChaitanyaThe universal soul or spirit
ChiragA lamp
DevDivine: Heavenly; A deity
DevanshPart of the divine God
DhairyaPatience: Endurance and perseverance
DhruvThe pole star; Firm; Immovable
EeshanThe sun as a form of Lord Shiva; Light and splendour
EkaanshA single part; One part
GaneshName of the God of good fortune, commonly identified for his elephant head.
GaurangFair or radiant complexion
GautamA name for Lord Buddha
HariThe Lord of nature; A ray of light; The moon; Of the mountain;  
HridaanPopularly believed to mean ‘a generous heart’
IshaanLight and splendour; The sun as a form of Lord Shiva
IshankPopularly thought to mean ‘the peak of the Himalayas’
JaiVictory; Triumph; Conquest
JiyanshCommonly thought to mean ‘part of the heart’
KabirPowerful; Great; Respected. Name of a famous Indian mystic and poet.
KanhaOne of the many names of Lord Krishna
KartikThe month (corresponding to October-November) in the Hindu calendar
KiyanshPopularly believed to mean ‘one who possesses all the good qualities’
KrishRelated to agriculture; also means lean and thin
KrishivA combination of the names ‘Shiva’ and ‘Krishna’
KrishnaName of a Hindu God who is a celebrated avatar of Lord Vishnu
LakshTo aim; A mark or target
LakshitMarked; Observed; Reflected
MadhavSweet like honey; Relating to spring
MahirExpert or specialist
MilanUnion; Coming together
NakshThe moon; Facial features
NeelBlue vitriol; A sapphire; Indigo-dye
NihitBestowed; Laid in a safe place
OjasGrandeur; Vigour; Vitality
OmThe sacred syllable; The mystic name of the Holy Trinity of Hindu deities.
ParthA prince or king
ParvA holy day or festival
PranavThe sacred syllable “OM”, associated with the Holy Trinity of Hindu deities.
PrithviThe earth
RaghavOne of the many names of Lord Rama; The ocean
RamPleasing; Charming; The name of Lord Rama, one of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.
ReyanshBelieved to be ‘part of a stream’
RiaanPopularly believed to mean ‘a young king’
RohanAscending; Climbing; Mounting
RudraOne who drives away evil
RudranshPopularly believed to mean ‘Part of Lord Shiva (as Rudra)
SaatvikPious; Pure
SaiOne who is divine; The Holy master
SamarthCompetent, strong and powerful
SharvilPopularly believed to mean omnipresent
SharvinBrave and victorious
ShauryaCourage; Valour; Heroism
ShivThe deity Lord Shiva, the third of the Hindu triad.
ShivanshPart of Lord Shiva
ShivayOne of the many names of Lord Shiva
ShlokA Vedic chant; A hymn of praise
TakshTo invent; To form in the mind
TejasStrength; Brilliance; Splendour
TanushPopular believed to mean ‘divine form’
UdayThe rising of the sun and planets; Success
UtkarshSuperior; Excellence
VedSacred knowledge and scriptures
VeerHero; Brave warrior
ViaanPopularly believed to mean ‘full of life’
VihaanMorning; Dawn
VirajSovereign; Splendour; Warrior
VivaanTo twist or plait in the context of weaving
YashFame; Honour
YugEra; A generation
YuvaanYouthful; Strong and healthy
ZohaanSplendour of the world
ZorawarStrong; Powerful; Daunting

हिंदी में बच्चों के नाम | Names of Baby in Hindi

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