आम पन्ना बनाने की विधि

आम का पना बनाने की विधि हिंदी में

Aam Pan`1 : First of all
Take 5 medium sized raw mango
Take off the skin of the mango
Put all the mango in the cooker one by one
Add a glass of water
Put the lid of the cooker and four whistles in the cooker on medium flame
Cool the mango and remove all the pulp by hand. Take out the mango kernels
Take out the pulp in a mixer jar
Add 600 grams of sugar
Add two teaspoons of roasted cumin
Add a teaspoon of black salt add a cup of fresh mint leaves
Grind all the things finely in a mixer
Sieve the mixture
Our aam panna is ready
You can store Aam Panna in the refrigerator for 6 to 7 months.
serving method : take a glass, in which we will put two spoons of aam panna, add a pinch of chaat masala, add two to three ice cubes, pour water, we will miss everything and our sour 😖🍋 sweet aam panna drink is ready.👌❤

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